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Beauty pageants play an important role in the individual development. It teaches one self confidence and inter personal skills and at most encourages one to make a huge difference in the community but being a problem solver for social challenges faced by the community. Little Miss, Little Mr and Miss Kuruman beauty pageant is a pageant for the little kids and young woman of the town called Kuruman. It is hosted on an annual bases at Kuruman Town Hall on the 26th of December which is nationally a family day Holiday.The contestants are chosen through an audition process to the judges which also include an interview. The contestants then must go through various training on the art of pageantry, public speaking and charity projects involvement.

This year the Crowning Event will be hosted on two separate time lines with Little miss Kuruman and Little Mr Kuruman taking place from 11am until 13:30 then in the evening the Miss Kuruman Crowning from 18:00- 21:00. If you would like to vote for your favorite Miss Public Choice you may find the voting link at . Tickets are available only at R50 and R70 at the gate. The importance of beauty pageants in Kuruman is not just about winning the crowd but developing a young child to become a role model for others by grooming their great personal qualities. 
Passion fills me up, 
It drives me off the walls and sets me off on angles only eagles sore on,
I can't keep it low cause it's low under me lifting me up.

I ran on the passage,
Not willing to open any door,
Right before me the hallway became the door.
Staircase to nothing l imagined.
Afraid to love the shadows
That before me was me,
Love in its raw form as light was its magnifier.

I am the light,
The night's star,
Silent as the sun
I became to the day yet they could'nt see me.

Passion cooks me raw
Refuses to lie low,
Refuses to disappear,
It reappears.

When I fight l write,
When I love l write.
I am the universe's voice ultimately you can't silence me,
I speak life.
Passion fills me up.
Sat face to face with my conscious,
Staring into the bliss of a dare,
A dare to walk where angels fear to tread.
A dare to dream beyond the power
My naked skin can handle.

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