The Avance Media Firm from Ghana recently announced their list of the 100 Most Influencial Young South Africans 2018 and your girl Nthabiseng Kgoronyane made it to the list.

When you love what you are doing every single day then going to work will not feel like a job but a fulfillment. Charity work and community development are some of the greatest passions of Nthabiseng Kgoronyane from a young age of being a young change maker.

The Nthabiseng Kgoronyane Foundation is based on changing the lives of children and youth by sharpening their skills in beauty pageant artistry and other forms of arts. The seed of this foundation was developed from the Founder’s love for arts and developing others. She grew up in a rural area where Art was her way of survival from peer pressure and keeping her off from all kinds of crime and violence, the positive influence this made on her encouraged the decision to create a platform for others to not only do the same but go further than she has gone. The work that she does is in a form of voluntarism as the kids and youth participating in her activities such as the Nthabiseng Kgoronyane Mentorship Program do not pay any amount to be participants. In 2018, she and her team succeeded in taking a 14 year old girl known as Nonofo Tsogang To Georgia (England) to represent South Africa in an International Beauty Pageant. The achievements that this foundation has achieved also includes taking some of the mentees to National and Provincial beauty pageant competition to which some came home with leading titles.

She is highly honoured to be regarded as one of the 100 Most Influencial Young South African ranking at number Forty- Six (46) in the list. “I am so grateful for this recognition, it reminds me that the world is taking note of my commitment and dedication yet l hope above all that many become inspired. I would like to see many young people go out there and reach for their dreams, for young children to understand that there is no limit to what they can achieve except their own limitations. Thank you South Africa, l believe we are the future we have been waiting for and we are about to move the world to the channel of harmony, equality, success, love , peace by being the truest version of ourselves” said Ms Kgoronyane. 

Shout out to the team that she works with such as Loeto Kasebedile, Lesedi Moshounyane, Prudence Melatwe, Lesedi Motlatsi , Kagiso Mogale and Desmond Mocumi. No man is an island and working together only provides success for many others and deeper impact to the community at large.